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(More on this later)

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Listen, if you’re anything like me you find it so frustrating not being able to provide answers immediately. Having data that should be useful but just isn’t because it’s not organized with any logic.

Do you PULL YOU’RE HAIR OUT when you see staff and co-workers using Excel like a glorified typewriter??

How about watching people key data into a spreadsheet manually, I don’t know about your organization but I’ve never worked anywhere where we could waste time like that.
How about seeing someone working in Excel moving at light speed accomplishing more in eleven minutes then you could accomplish all day?

Do you ever find yourself asking, “There has to be a better way, where can I get the specific training to help increase productivity for myself and my organization?"

You may be thinking or have thought about attending a training class to learn Excel, but these can be costly and if you’re anything like me you hate wasting time sitting through a class to learn a computer program only to forget most of it the very next day, right?


Example of a typical one day basic Excel course
The Fastest and Easiest way to Learn Microsoft Excel
Why is this? Why do we forget 90% of what we’re taught within a month?

Well, if I were to speculate, based on my experiences it’s a combination of a few things:
First off, the computer instructors teaching the course don’t have the hours logged into the program. They may able to walk you through a lesson book full of basic exercises but more often than not, if you ask a real-world question to one of the instructors they have to scramble during the lunch hour, usually having to make twelve phone calls to find someone who can solve your problem. If they can’t solve the problem by the end of the lunch hour, you get the “Leave me your email and I’ll find the solution”.

So what’s my point, bashing computer instructors trying to teach Excel?

Listen, I'm just like you, I’ve been to these classes. They are expensive and usually waste your time. At the end of the day you walk out with a thin lesson plan showing very basic (Not Real World) examples and usually forget half of what you just learned. Why? Because without the proper real world experience using Excel, they are only teaching from a book, they can’t possibly captivate their audience.

After sending some clerk level staff to a class like this we realized that we weren’t getting a very big benefit for money because the staff would come back with some knowledge but not that real world experience that I needed them to have. Since I was always the “Go To” guy for Excel questions the senior management team approached me about putting together an in house training program.

So after giving this some thought I realized it would be the best thing for the company and to aid in the development of the employees. I have trained 100’s of people individually from a Clerk or a manager that reported to me all the way up to the CFO (My boss).

I knew creating a course would mean more work for me, but after giving it some serious consideration I realized if you want something done right you have to do it yourself. So I agreed and was given the following criteria to develop the training.

It had to be:

  • To the point

  • In plain English (It had to pass the “Mother” test, would my mother be able to pick up a lesson, read it and understand it)

  • Have real world examples (now I did need to cover the very basics, but what I do is constantly build upon what I just taught until the lessons actually make sense in the real world)

  • Develop a comprehensive course manual that the employees can use for immediate reference

And with that I had my work cut out for me.

What I created over the past three years is the most streamlined, fun and incredibly easy method to learn Excel.

Not only will you learn Excel but you’ll start to see problems during a project you need to get finished at work, or labor intensive procedures that you perform monthly and you begin to think in the back of your mind.

“There’s has to be a better way!!!”

Then little parts of the course will start jarring your memory and you’ll begin to say to yourself

“Let’s try that X function”, or “How about that Y”

Pretty soon you’ll start playing around with the material I teach in the course and it will become a natural part of your workflow.

“You’ll start forcing Excel to work for YOU!!! “

That’s when YOU control YOUR destiny because the tools become just that, tools to help you get your work done as accurately and efficiently as humanly possible.

Here, in more specific order, is what this hot new course reveals:

  • A complete step by step guide of the entire new Excel format including:

    • The Microsoft Office button

    • The Ribbon

    • All tabs on the ribbon

  • In depth descriptions and examples of 77 Excel functions GUARANTEED to help you solve the Real World problems that you’ll encounter on a daily basis.

  • Help you manage data in such a way that you can instantaneously spit out reports, changing criteria and presentation with one click of mouse.

    • Imagine in the time it takes to snap your finger you could present whatever data in exactly the format it needs to be presented

      • All without changing any of your source data

      • Without losing any previously created reporting

  • Refresh your reports with new data in one click

  • Automatically import data instead of typing anything.

    • Most data you will be using has already been created and is just waiting somewhere to be used, either in an internal system or external system. I explain EXACTLY how to go about getting it.

    • Learn how simple it is to utilize this Powerful feature in Excel

  • See real world examples in Plain English, this not only teaches you the application but also teaches you techniques that forces your brain to say to itself “There has to be a better way”

    • As you start seeing the possibilities of the fantastic and powerful tool of Excel all problems start to be reduced to “What is the best way to solve this, would it be X or Y? Let’s try them both and find out”

    • This is when you become the master of the tool rather than be mastered by the tool.

  • Most people NEVER master the tools at their disposal and many don’t even try to properly utilize them.

    • They think “This is way it’s always been done, it works.”

    • Some people never get to the point where they say “This process works but I know we could improve it to make it massively more efficient."

  • Big change doesn’t happen until someone challenges the status quo, by this I mean look for ways to improve processes to assure a more effective use of your time.

    • Learn to find the holes in current processes and how patch them up Quickly !

  • When you can manage data instantaneously in front of someone giving accurate data faster than they ever thought possible, you will look like a superstar in your organization!

This is the first time I’m making my course available to the public, so I’m looking to get as much feedback as possible. So what I’ve decided to do for the first 5,000 people who use my course and promise to provide me with feedback, I am discounting the course 40%.

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Ok let’s get back to the Jedi Master of Excel title that I acquired.

I know this sounds kind of farfetched but that’s what a Vice President of a large medical supply company calls me. Let me introduce myself and back track a bit to show you the progression of how I actually arrived at that title.

My name is Scott Falls, I’m a Certified Public Accountant and have my MBA in Finance, and I have been working in the business world for the past fifteen years. Over that time there has been some real advancement in the technology we use each day to run our businesses. The very way we analyze data today was unimaginable 25-30 years ago. The one program that has been at the forefront in management’s toolbox has always been the spreadsheet. In the early 90’s Lotus 1-2-3 was the spreadsheet of choice but around the mid-90’s Microsoft Excel started becoming the real power player in the spreadsheet market. So over my fifteen year career in accounting I have been send to various classes to learn and keep current on all the new iterations of Excel.

I quickly became the "Go to" guy for Excel questions.

They say to master something you need to log in about 10,000 hours of practice. I have used Excel pretty much all day, every day, for the past fifteen years, working 40 hours a week (which is vastly understated for an accountant) 50 weeks a year (figure two weeks’ vacation) for 15 years. Let’s do the math:

40 Hrs/wk x 50 weeks X 15 years = 30,000 hours.

That is not including the work I do personally at home or overtime.

Now I obviously I haven’t worked 30,000 straight hours doing absolutely nothing except working with Excel, but I want to make the point that I have logged the necessary 10,000 hours in the Excel to master Excel and I truly love it.

Now there are many ways someone could use Excel. As an accountant, a businessman I need to be able to analyze data IMMEDIATELY. I need it to be readily available to be sliced and diced in as many ways as can be imagined and I need it to happen at the snap of a finger (or the click of a mouse to be more accurate :-).

  • With the need for immediate answers being demanded from you on a regular basis, are you to taking full advantage of the tools you have at your disposal?

  • Do you use them as efficiently as possible?

  • Would you like to be the superstar who can have critical information about your business immediately?

That’s what I had to do with my training material for my Excel course. I’ve streamlined it and refined it added a bit of humor and sarcasm (to actually make people enjoy taking a computer training course). I’ve been through enough to know what a boring, stiff class or book is like. While keeping it completely relevant to the world we live and work in.

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