Excel Video Training - Day Two

Excel Day Two

Ultimate Reconciliation & Analysis


Since the mid-90's I've been the Excel "go-to" guy in every company I've worked. Senior management has always relied on me to complete complex tasks involving massive amounts of data. They also sent me to numerous live Excel training courses over the years, from the basics to advanced classes.

The problem I always had with this type of training was that I never felt like I learned what I needed to learn. I'd go with a list of question about how to actually solve real problems from work and the majority of the class centered on very generic training. Not too many real world examples.

So after recently sending some staff to a class with an outside training company we realized that we weren't getting the benefit we had hoped for, the staff came back with some knowledge but not that real world experience that I needed them to have. Since I was always the "Go To" guy for Excel questions the senior management team approached me about putting together an in house training program.

So I spend a lot of time creating the most useful training programs I could devise.

What makes this training the absolute BEST training that you can buy?

Well besides using real world examples, I've found the absolute best way for me to train someone is to have them sit right next to me while I show them how I perform the work that needs to get done.

Instead of just seeing how to do this function or that function without really seeing how it's put together in real-world work, I've put together a training that will come as close as possible to mimicking YOU sitting right next to me while we go through actual real-world examples.

Since I can't have the entire world sitting right next to me to learn how to actually work in Excel I've done the next best thing:

I've created a fictional boss who sends us fictional emails with various tasks to perform.

This is the absolute best way for YOU to see how REAL WORLD work is done!

YOU look over my shoulder as I explain exactly how and why we perform each task in Excel.
Each email (or lesson) builds upon what you learned in the previous lessons.

This would be as if you worked in my company and YOU are going to sit right next me while go through various reconciliations and analyses in Excel.

When you're finished you will be a reconciling master!

This is what I call the Meat and Potatoes of Excel.

Some topics we study:
* Lookups
* Pivot Tables
* If, then
* Nested formulas
* Using formulas and pivot tables to reconcile between multiple worksheets
* Filters
* Subtotals
* Customizing your work flow
* Protecting sensitive data
* Using formulas and pivot tables for comparison purpose.
* Named ranges for comparative formulas
* Eliminate errors in your worksheets

and much more !

This is the fastest and easiest method to becoming an Analyzing and Reconciling Master!
95% of people you work with will not know all of this material.

YOU will be the Excel Superstar!

NOW, let's make Excel to work for YOU!!!


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