Pivot Tables & Charts Made Easy

Pivot Tables are an amazing tool. They allow you to instantaneously see the "Big Picture" by allowing you summarize data in almost unlimited ways.

This gives  us the ability to very quickly analyze, manipulate and report on data.

The beautiful thing about pivot tables is that once you understand the basics, you will constantly be thinking of ways to use them. Once a pivot table is set-up is can be used over and over with different data, allowing us to create amazing monthly analytical and reporting packages.

In this complete step by step guide through the wonderful world of Pivot Tables and Charts you will learn:

  • How to automatically import and update data instead of typing anything. 
  • Manage data so you can instantaneously spit out reports and analysis as often as you need to. 
  • Imagine in the time it takes to snap your finger you could present whatever data in exactly the format it needs to be presented. Once you set-up a Pivot Table is can use it over and over again. 
  • Refresh data in one click 
  • Most data you will be using has already been created and is just waiting somewhere to be used, either in an internal system or external system. I explain EXACTLY how to go about getting it. 

This is when you become the master of the tool rather than be mastered by the tool.

Most people NEVER master the tools at their disposal and many don’t even try to properly utilize them.!

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